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How To Help Ensure a Safer
Environment for Your Passengers

Slips and falls are the second leading cause of injury to transportation passengers. Your flooring and step treads are extremely important, and you have a choice in what flooring your bus OEM provides for your fleet.

KORO-TRANS - The leader in transit safety flooring

High-performance through better construction and stronger materials

  • Exceeds industry standards for fire and slip resistance
  • Resistant to abrasion, moisture and contaminants

High-design options make a great first impression

  • Our palette includes metal flake textures as well as wood grain patterns
  • Ultraviolet and ozone resistance keeps your flooring looking good longer

Easy to clean

Unique materials provide slip-resistant properties without using harsh aggregates that tear mops when cleaning

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How To Help Ensure Safer Boarding
for Your Passengers

Boarding and alighting accidents are generally related to slips and trips within the step well. Unfortunately, step tread failure has become a common occurrence adding to the possibility of injury.

Most step treads are put together by gluing the tread to the nosing at manufacturing, and typically only use about 50% surface coverage with the adhesive. Only KORO-TRANS® step treads are prefabricated using structural adhesive to bond 100% of the surface area. The nosing and tread are manufactured and welded together for a solid bond so separation cannot occur.

KORO-TRANS The leader in Step Tread Design

The Leader in
Step Tread Design

  • Integral wear-guard protects nosing
  • Square leading edge provides superior traction
  • KORO-TRANS® thermoplastic tread surface resists wear
  • Polymer construction eliminates corrosion
  • Twenty-year proven history in school and commercial bus service
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Put Your Best Foot Forward

Tell your dealer or OEM you demand KORO-TRANS®